Gary C. Horton

A former intelligence officer and newspaper columnist, Gary C. Horton grew up in South Carolina where his ancestors settled along the coast in the early 1700’s. His love story Some Glad Morning has been compared to Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain and Olive Ann Burns Cold Sassy Tree.

In the video below, Gary C. Horton reads the opening chapter of his novel Some Glad Morning.

Horton’s style of writing was shaped by the teachings of the late Mel Tolkin who also mentored Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks and taught the only tale that mattered was the story of the human condition and what happens in the human heart. Tolkin’s influence is evident in the richly rendered characters and emotional depth of Some Glad Morning.

Horton’s short fiction has been syndicated by The PEN Syndicated Fiction Project, published in the Sacramento Bee, The Village Advocate and other newspapers, and aired on National Public Radio’s “The Sound of Writing.”

A former Green Beret and Army Ranger, Gary C. Horton is a graduate of Clemson University with a BA in English (class of ’83) and a Masters in City and Regional Planning (class of ’91).

He is a direct descendant of British Major William Horton who was instrumental in establishing the English colony at Savannah in 1734. An avid wildlife enthusiast and outdoors-man, Horton spends his free time on extended backpacking treks though the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Gary C. Horton

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