Erich Segal

In addition to writing bestselling novels, Erich Segal was a screenwriter and a Classics Professor at Harvard, Yale and Princeton. He is best-known for writing the bestselling novel Love Story, the story of a Harvard-Radcliffe romance, which also became a wildly successful movie nominated for 7 Academy Awards. Segal won a Golden Globe for his screenplay. Ruth Baron, of, has designated Love Story as among the top 8 love stories of all time.

Below is a video of Erich Segal speaking at UCLA in the spring of 1971. In this video we get to see his warm personality and learn some of the insider details of Love Story.

The sequel to Love Story, Oliver’s Story, was published in 1977, seven years after Love Story. It too became a major motion picture in 1978. Segal’s other novels include Doctors, The Class, Prizes, Acts of Faith and Fairy Tale. Among the many screenplays he wrote, he also wrote the screenplay The Beatles Yellow Submarine.

In addition to his popular fiction, Erich Segal wrote an array of scholarly works while teaching at the university level and as a visiting professor at the University of Munich and Dartmouth College. Much of his academic writing is focused on Greek and Latin literature. His bestselling novel The Class was inspired by his Harvard graduating class, the class of 1958. His novel Doctors was also a New York Times bestseller.

Prior to his success as a novelist, Segal attended Harvard College, graduating in 1958 as both the class poet and Latin salutatorian. He went on to earn a master’s and a doctorate in comparative literature from Harvard. He was a Supernumerary Fellow and Honorary Fellow of Wolfson College at Oxford University. Parkinson’s disease all but consumed the last years of Erich Segal’s life. He died of a heart attack on January 17, 2010.

Erich Segal


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